The object of the game is to race through three hysterical levels and be the first player to reach the finish line!

Each player rolls a die, advancing their pawn the corresponding number of spaces

Each tile you land on contains a different action / instruction in which each player must follow

Take a sip / gulp of your drink
Roll again
Go to jail

But the hysterics begin with the Cards!

On your journey you may land on a "Mystery Card" space

If two or more players land on the same tile you will "Face Off" against each other

MYSTERY CARDS:  When a player lands on a mystery tile, they draw a card that may help or hinder them on their journey to victory.

Examples of Mystery Cards:

 - Finish your drink
 - Play truth or dare
 - Ask someone an embarassing question
 - And so many more

FACE OFF CARDS:  When two players land on the same tile, a Face Off card is drawn.  

These cards contain various commands forcing the players to engage in head to head challenges.


Examples of Face Off Cards:

 - Have a dance off
 - Play rock, paper, scissors
 - Make your opponent laugh
 - And so many more

For 3 or more players

 - Game Board
 - 30 Mystery Cards
 - 30 Face Off Cards
 - 6 Pawns
 - 1 Die
 - Instructions

​How to Play the Game