Examples of Mystery Cards:

 - Finish your drink
 - Play truth or dare
 - Ask someone an embarassing question
 - And so many more

FACE OFF CARDS:  When two players land on the same tile, a Face Off card is drawn.  

These cards contain various commands forcing the players to engage in head to head challenges.

The object of the game is to race through three hysterical levels and be the first player to reach the finish line!

Each player rolls a die, advancing their pawn the corresponding number of spaces

Each tile you land on contains a different action / instruction in which each player must follow

Take a sip / gulp of your drink
Roll again
Go to jail

But the hysterics begin with the Cards!

On your journey you may land on a "Mystery Card" space

If two or more players land on the same tile you will "Face Off" against each other

MYSTERY CARDS:  When a player lands on a mystery tile, they draw a card that may help or hinder them on their journey to victory.


​How to Play the Game

Examples of Face Off Cards:

 - Have a dance off
 - Play rock, paper, scissors
 - Make your opponent laugh
 - And so many more

For 3 or more players

 - Game Board
 - 30 Mystery Cards
 - 30 Face Off Cards
 - 6 Pawns
 - 1 Die
 - Instructions